Flashbax: Versace

1 February 2011

I am back with another Flashbax! So obviously, today in history is about Versace! Ooo la-la.....one of my favorite designers...but, of course,  I could say that about soooo many designers really. Anyway, On this day, (February 1st) in 1993, Gianni Versace was awarded the American Fashion Oscar.

Gianni Versace in his element.

Here are some of his amazing pieces...it is no wonder that he was honored with the Fashion Oscar!

( 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 )

Hope you all are having a fabulous night...my little birdie-birdie turns 6 months old tomorrow! So you know another "All the Months of My Life" is coming! See ya soon!

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