I ♥ Thursday: A Wish For Spring

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You are all going to have to forgive me, I know I am a little, tiny bit late with I ♥ Thursday...but for good reason....at least I think so. See, the Mr. we just got the Dance game (yeah, I don't know the "official" name...oops) and we have been laughing at each other dance for the majority of the night! Great times!! Shhhh...but the guy is really good dancer too...but you didn't hear it from me...so that is why I am late. Forgive me?

I have been really pining for spring....so all my fave pics for this week are inspirations of warm weather, bright colors and pretty flowers!
Hope you all enjoy!!!

I love pretty flowers...

....and bright things in my hair (other than greys...that is not pretty, or lovely...or anything I want to talk about...as if I had them anyway...sheeshhhh. lol.

love this little dainty dress...perfect for a spring day!

these bright "spring-y" earrings have my name all over them!

ever pick these in the spring when you were a kid? I did!

Fresh garden scents!!! Love them!!!

bright color, hearts....what is not to love?!?!?!

1 (photo), 2 (hair clip), 3 (dress), 4 (earrings), 5 ( fine art print), 6 (garden scents), 7 (yellow hearts)

Have a great night.....and guess what?!??!? TGIF! woot!

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