Oh the beautiful things we could do...

We have had a very laid back weekend over at our house filled with lots of play time (building huge lego towers, reading lots of books and making lots of playdough creations), rest and yes even a little thrifting!
I thought I would just pop in a share a few pics of what we have been up to lately....

mmmm.....breakfast of champs! my fave yummy breakfast (besides our weekly traditional pancake thursdays that is) (wink, wink). Greek yogurt, granola...and fruit (this week it has been blackberries) ♥

...sweet cards from sweet friends! I love you bon bon ♥ !

....he wanted to use brothers play mat to build a tent...so we took some of his blankets and made it happen!
he would crawl in there and make the music and light show play (so it was like a disco tent party) ! He is soooo my child ♥

yep....this is pretty much a daily routine. I wasn't lying when I said this kiddo l ♥ ves pecans!
....and this is what happens when you sleep near a 2 year old....ahahahahahaha

Happy Weekending Friends!

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Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

Ha ha! I love the photo. Yep, that is what you get. Always sleep with one eye open!