Christmas: the Story In Pictures{Part 2}

...back as promised with part 2 in our Christmas adventure....

we spent much of the day at my parent's house. My brother was there, along
with the Mr.'s grandparents!

My grandfather was even able to come for an overnight
visit from the nursing home! How cute is he?!? He is 95 years
old people!

 ...the frame I made for my Luca...
...the most wonderful inherited gift...a nearly 200 year old tea pot!
Holy Vintage! I.Am.In.Love.

Me with my boys.... ♥

me and my {little} boys ♥

...his favorite position! comfy.

Luca's pony from Jason's grandparents! He tried to take a nap
on his "singy pony" today...yep. key word: "tried".

 ...are these the baby version of the shake weights? lol
they're actually musical dumbbells...clever and musical!

...and finally, the infamous tricycle...thanks to his papa for
putting it together!

We had a great time...and though my grandmother wasn't there...we did get to see her at the hospital!
She is doing much better today and may be coming home later this week.
Hope you all are recuperating quickly from all the holiday festivities...and getting
your lives back in order haha I know I am trying to do this and it can be so overwhelming.

I will be back later tonight or tomorrow with more snow documentation!

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Rebekah said...

Your blog cracks me up. I love it! I wish I could be more creative on mine, but I'm too boring. You are just natually funny!
Thanks for keeping me updated on you and your family's life! Can't wait to see you again!