Christmas: the story in pictures {Part 1}

...and maybe a little commentary...just because I can't help myself....

it was cold...so we bundled the kiddies up when we went to my parents

Luca received a singing pony/hobby horse...cutest ever♥

...here's the stationary I made for the Mr.'s grandparents...I call it
"magnolia" lol

the yummy feasting table lol...my mummy is the greatest cook!
I helped a little....but I take no credit for the deliciousness

the tree at my parent's house...9 1/2 ft. tall!

they gave Luca a tricycle....he was in love...the Mr. had to put it together...

...Things this Christmas were a little different...my grandmother went into the hospital suddenly so the whole family didn't get together as usual...they all kind of did their own thing and then each made their way to the hospital to spend time with grandma. It wasn't the same without her, and it just goes to show you what truly is most important on days like Christmas-family.

...once back from the hospital the Mr. and my brother (the cute thing with the phone lol)
spent the rest of Christmas (literally) gaming away! What can I say, it would have been weird to have it
any other way lol...
It was a wonderful day...
I will have more pics (and commentary too haha) tomorrow....
I took so many I have been rifling through them all day..must.edit.them.down! AHHH!
Better too many than too little I say!

Hope you all had a very wonderful day too! Hope you all were with the ones you love...
focusing on the most important of things ♥


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