...and that road always leads home

Ok! We are officially home from all that traveling!

Seems we have been on the go for the past month, but things will hopefully settle down a little after this Christmas weekend.

Don't get me wrong, we have had a blast! Though we were snowed in most of the time, our stay with the Mr.'s family was so fun! The only downside is that the weather forced his parent's graduation to be cancelled. Major bummer. However, we did get them to dress up in their gowns and such to snag some pics and just all-around celebrate their graduation!

here are our graduates!

Another part of our stay there included an early Christmas celebration. The Mr.'s sister and boyfriend came down from New Jersey and, along with his grandparents, we all gathered to celebrate with an awesome Christmas meal!

Though we weren't really expecting it, (since we received presents from them in October) there were some wonderful gifts exchanged...we brought our gifts for them ...I made some pillows and a few other things...and it was a great time!

The Mr.'s mom is so super savvy and creative when it comes to Christmas... I do so love it...This year she had a blanket handmade for my SIL, myself and the Mr's Nana....! I have always wanted one....so I was extremely excited when I unwrapped this gem!!!

(my very first handmade blanket!!!) Isn't it beautiful?!?!?

On Friday, we were finally able to get the car out of the driveway (because of all the ice and snow) so we decided to do a little perusing around town. We went into several little shops, two of them were Ah-mazing antique shops...one was literally 3 stories tall-Heaven! The other was built to look like a barn...and was packed from one end to the other with awesome finds.... We also happened upon the Habitat thrift shop...which just so happened to have their entire stock 50% off....ummmm yes, I will say it, JACKPOT!!! I could have easily spent like $900 and left that place super bare lol...but I restrained myself and chose quality over quantity. My unbelievable purchase? Why this vintage Samsonite travel case for...you-won't-believe-this.....ONE DOLLAR!!! Oh, that's right! This jewel even has the original keys for the lock...! and the lining on the inside is a well-maintained pale yellow, silk polka dot print! Oh My!!!

I am so proud...(eeeeeeekkkkkk)!

Though I had fun, I am so glad to be back home! Now, to get all the Christmas stuff finished ....I cannot believe Christmas is on Saturday...yikes! Hope you all are catching up with all your holiday goodness...


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