While We Were Away....Part I

Gone for a while....Why yes I have!

It has been ridiculous around here and I feel like I am just now resurfacing.

We have had out-of-town company, new "additions", changes, transitions oh I could go on and on...

Though, I wish I could list them all out for you all as they are all equally important, I will just hit the highlights...

We had an awesome visit with the Mr.'s parents (or as we like to call them, Memaw and Papaw)!!

They brough "Early Christmas" with them and a "Bounce House" was one of the fun things they got for Luca!

I made my first ever batch of made-from-scratch peach cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing. Yummy!

Lots of leaf picking and general outdoor exploration!

the bird turned 10 weeks old....and now 12 whew! time flies!!!

...and that's just a select few of the things going on around here!
Maybe I'll do a Part II within the next couple of days...it just doesn't seem sufficient lol

Hope this Tuesday (almost Wednesday) was wonderful for you all!!!



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