While We Were Away: Part II

I'm Back!

...and ready to whip up part deux!

ready for the picture montage?

I knew you would ♥

so you know the cupcakes I mentioned in my last post?!?!?

well a friend suggested that I post the recipe and as much as I would love to take credit for this awesome made-from-scratch morsels of heaven. I have to confess- I googled it--and found the recipe lol! So Brittany (and everyone else), here are the links I got the recipe from- here cupcake and here cream cheese icing. I didn't use the icing that was on the cupcake link because I wanted to try a cream cheese instead, but you could try it out and let me know how it turns out too! Enjoy ♥

we've just been sharing time together....and being fun and creative of course!

going for horse back rides into the sunset haha he's the next Roy Rogers...

Of course, some killer vintage shopping! got this 50's mod table for Luca...and scored 6 vintage cameras for under 20 bucks....do the math people!!! I floated out of that shop!!! JACKPOT!

...lots of this in my life...always ♥

...and there's another McCoy....blog world...meet Nero

Lumberjack-ing....he's all around the cutest one I've seen....and he has a full set of teeth!

lots of adventurous trips...or maybe I should say get-away driving ahahah no that sounds bad....I'll stick with adventures!

This week is already starting off crazy too! My abuela (grandma) and her husband arrived yesterday from Texas to see the bird for the first time and celebrate my birthday! and yes, my birthday is this Thursday and I am celebrating with a bang because as it is my 24th I will only have one more birthday...I am going to be 25 forever didn't you know!?!?! ahahah

I hope you all enjoy the recipe and try some other flavors while you're at it...I am a baking fanatic so if you find a good recipe I want to know about it!!!!

I will be posting Canaan's month 2 pic soon...and maybe a sneak peek at my 365 project. Oh yeah, and I have a before and after to FINALLY !! Cant wait ♥


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