READING /  For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.... awesome book
if you homeschool or follow Charlotte Mason- style learning or maybe want to 
learn more about it.

LISTENING TO / currently... I've got Goodbye Babylon from the Black Keys on repeat

LOOKING FORWARD TO / I'm in the developing stages of a photography project
that I am really excited about and cannot wait to get started...I'm not the best planner...
because I like to jump in head-first into my work...but I know I will be glad I did some
planning in the long run.

LOVING / right now I am loving just the everyday and the ability for some
routine again. I feel like a lot of you can relate since we are still coming off
of holiday craziness... and with kiddos that can be daunting. So I'm really
loving the simple...and yoga...I have been doing that regularly again and
I feel so revitalized. 

Feel free to join in and do a "CURRENTLY" post....I'd love to see what
you all are into as well!


*photo by me...from one of our mountains trips...

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