Finally routine is creeping back into our lives...
nap times, meals, even cleaning has been
a wanted stability for me...
and though it's still crazy as whoa,
I am thankful for the familiar.

A little Iphoneography is in order I think.
This has kind of been the way of life lately...
instant, fast-paced, in the moment.
I am still photographing with my trusty camera
mind you, but a little less frequently 
of our daily goings on...this week that is ;)

wear my new shoes on the trip back home
the kiddos rolling down the "hill" in the back yard
a little retail eye candy
having a polka dot kind of day
Luca making me smile...as usual
some of my mom's collection
south of the border...heading back home
my sweet baby boy and those irresistible eyes
the kiddos think bathtubs are more fun than playrooms...
being a little thug...and pulling it off...
wearing some bright spring colors...that always makes me smile

Hope you are having a fantastic week so far....and hellooooo weekend!!!!
what have you been snapping pictures of lately?


Elisha(: said...

You really are too pretty. :P

I am Megan said...

You look stunning. And you guys play dominoes quite funny, or am I just being an idiot?