March Freebie and {love}ly lynks

 I had intended to have my March Freebie up yesterday for you, but alas, that did not happen.
I managed to catch up on things (or at least I am telling myself that) and I have it up for you today!!
 (you can find the links at the end of the post)
My mom always had flowers blooming in her kitchen windows, as far back in my childhood as I can remember. My favorite (and the most abundant ones) were her violets.
She could make them flourish like nothing I had ever seen. They literally are in bloom year round. Still, today those same violets are growing with vigor.
Amazing to think that a plant can live as long as we. Trees, well yes that is more understood I think, but at least I had never really considered it much. Her violets are nearly as old as I am.
Last week or so, I brought some of my very own violets home.
Hopefully, one day, if my gardener's skills are half that of my mother's, my Luca or Canaan will be saying the
same things. 

Here's a few {love} lynks I have been inspired by this week. Enjoy!

1. I was all in this post by the lovely Lauren...it was like she wrote it for me...and probably for someone you know too...or even you! I think most of us gals need to read it!

2. I was (still am too!) so inspired by this shoot Lauren Bamford did for Murobond....so lovely, so raw...sigh.

3. love this duo's perspective...always so simple and supremely beautiful...they know how to let images speak for themselves.

4. This lovely lady created a diy with all you corporate/business people in mind...if you have a desk...then you should check it out!

5. this looks sooooooo good! ...and it has coffee in the title..win-win.
6. what a great reminder !

Here are your desktop images! I formatted them in 3 different sizes this time for convenience. Enjoy!

 Happy Friday!


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