{love}ly lynks: oh, the splendid

It is the weekend...well, a few hours away at least...
hasn't it felt like the longest week ever?!?!
I'm glad to finally see the the weekend come.
We have so enjoyed the weather and all
the outdoor goodness that goes along
with it. We have yet to picnic outside, but I am
hoping that will change very soon.
I love this season...it just brightens my spirit!

Here are a few lovelies I found throughout the week ...
hope you like them too...I sorta think you will :)

I'm a sucker for a chocolate cake...this one definitely looks worth trying

this DIY ombre shirt tutorial 

I found this wonderful lady and her blog and I instantly fell in love...I think you will too.

love nathan michael's instagram faves via sfgirlbybay

bright-DIY painted sunglasses? Yes and yes!!!

If you are vegan or thinking about making that change...this is a great post


I am trying to catch up with all the emails/comments...you guys are so sweet!!! So if you guys are waiting for a reply...it is on its way....promise!!!
There are several new faces around these parts...and I am so grateful for you all...whether you have been around from day one or just found me!!! You never cease to put a smile and my face and you are all so inspiring to me. I appreciate  you all deeply!!!


On that note, have a Splendid Friday night....and weekend!!!



Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

Wish we had nice weather here! Hope your weekend is going wonderfully :)

Breanna said...

New follower here! I found your blog today and am in love with it! Can't wait to read more! :) I'm going to check out all of your links!


allison barker said...

thanks friend!!!