Tiffany + Jeremiah: Engagement Shoot Part II

A few weeks ago I shared a little preview of Tiffany + Jeremiah's Engagement session I did in January...
and since we have been all about love this week...I thought I would follow up with a few more of my faves from that session!
Make no mistake, choosing my favorites shots was pretty hard business... this couple is so at ease with each other...and with the camera it truly made my job so much easier! They had no problems being silly and quirky in front of the camera...it's kind of their "thing" and I love that about them...they are true to themselves...and I am glad I was able to capture that for them!

I am super stoked to also being photographing their wedding this August...and you guys!!!!...if you could see the location for their wedding you would be so excited too!!! I am counting down the days for these two!!!

Isn't love grand, you guys?!?!?!

Well, I am off to recuperate and relax... we hosted an awesome little dinner party tonight with some great people...and had a blast! I love having people over ...it's so important to share in each others lives. I am a huge fan of story telling and love when that happens organically in group settings, whether large or small... so much can be learned...and I love the sound of laughter in my home.
Hope you friends have a lovely night!
What special things have you been up to this past week?

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Danielle said...

wow! this is great! i am shooting my first engagement next weekend and i am so nervous!