Oh, for the {love}....

Hope you all have the best day today! ...
(even if you are anti Valentine's Day...it's all good...I still think you're awesome!)

We have plenty of shenanigans planned for the day...and we have already 
filled our day with lots of love reminders...I think it's important to pick 
days here-and-there and just pour on the love reminders to the ones we love...even if it's 
Feb. 15th... pick a day...and tell someone you care about "I ♥ You!"

Last night, the Mr. and I placed the kiddos little gifts on their nightstands for them
to see when they woke up...just like my parents used to do for my brother and I when we were growing 

I filled little decorated canisters with heart gummy candy (since they're easy to chew for the bird...and no peanut worries with Luca) , they each got a book and the most adorable heart-shaped sippy cups ever!!

Luca was especially excited!! I snapped some pictures of the "moment" when here first found the gifts...
so precious!

Well, off I go to celebrate the day away!!!

All my love to you my sweet, sweet friends ♥

* oh, and ps...go check out the 14 Days of Love re-cap over at One Tough Mother!!!! Check out how me and all the wonderful ladies who participated, have been celebrating these last 14 days!!!


★ JASMINE ★ {Barbie-Bombshell} said...

cute post!

* Happy Valentines Day! *

hugs, xo!

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

How could i be mad if I wake up this hectic and caotic morning to find so many comments from such a beautiful person!!!??? Now about the talented part, mi amiga, you are SO talented I always find myself wishing YOU could be the one to take the pics for my lookbooks... alas, I still live in Mexico Mágico...
Have a beautiful day sweet Elenita!!