Closet Confessions: Be Bold

I really love a bold print!

Many of you ladies out there are a little nervous about displaying a big, bold design.

The good news:
Fear not! You are not alone, most people believe that a big, bold color or pattern makes them look larger...
and most people don't want that...at least I don't. The key is in the pairing...or combining that bold piece with in the rest of your outfit.
you could pair a big print with some lace or a bold color with lots of neutrals...the thing to keep in mind is balance...too much is, well, too much most of the time.

Don't be afraid to try a new trend or outfit style because it is bold.
Step out of your comfort zone! It can and will be fun...if you let it!

I have been wearing this shawl a lot lately... it's kind of perfect. With the mild winters here it is great too because we don't usually require super heavy winter wear. Today was an exciting 70 degrees...oh my, winter is just so terrible  (wink wink).

With this outfit, I toned down the bold Navaho-esque print with this tiered top... a statement piece in itself, it draws your eye away a bit from the print of the shawl.

Outfit Details
Cardigan/Shawl: Hallelu
Top: thrifted (forever 21) ...ummm...for $2!
Jeans: Gap (similar  style)
Shoes: thrifted ( bass) also $2 oh, yes!
Earrings: gift
Ring: gift ( Call of Earth)

Nothing super glamorous to report here... we went out for lunch together...Luca picked Zaxby's...he loves their bread wayyyyy to much lol. We also randomly decided to redo the kiddos playroom so we spent the better part of my lifetime at Lowe's rock-paper-scissors-ing it for the perfect shade of black....yes, I said black. We are goth...didn't you know? I kid. I  also am absolutely dying would love to tell you all about it...except I will wait until it is all finished and show it to you!

Weekly Challenge:
Find a bold color or print (or hey, maybe even both) and try it out! You may just like it more than you thought...and then you can thank me, or not...I probably wouldn't if I were you...but a link back to you in your fun new style would be awesome!

Hope your having a great weekend so far!


ashley said...

love this outfit & your bangs! typically i have bangs but i was considering growing them out. but you make me want to chop them again :)

Lil Muse Lily said...

i guess i'm one of the few that doesn't shy away from a bold print. i love them!
the cardigan is a great piece!

Anonymous said...

Love a good bold print! That sweater is great, and I LOVE how you styled it! I need a pair of earrings like that!

Olivia Grace said...

You look beautiful, that wrap is amazing and I love the bold print. You styled it perfectly.

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

ok... my amiga, you always look so cute it makes me cringe. I think we´d have a sick time thrifting together, I LOOOOVE the sweater, right down my fearless alley of favorite fashion... sweet!!!!!!!

kaylee@life chasers said...

I am crazy about your whole outfit, especially that cardigan. LOVE!

Vivian said...

I have this shall that I NEVER wear. Thank you! I am getting it out of my closet now. The earrings make the whole outfit! You are pretty! Chao :)

bird and tree said...

I am so happy to hear many of you also love bold clothing pieces!!!
Vivian-get it out lady!!!! that is so exciting take picture too!
Clau- if we ever do meet, thrifting should be part of the agenda...and dancing...love!

thank you all for the sweet comments! Love you guys to bits!