the next few days will be filled with baking,
Christmas movies, packing, and some
old and new traditions.
we are all set for Christmas.
we are all excited to see family!
These days, Luca only wants
to color in his Christmas coloring
books, and I so vividly remember
that child-like anticipation.
You know the one.
The kind parents get woken up at
6 am on Christmas morning
because of.
Oh, to be like that again....
I wish there were a way
to bottle those little emotions up
so that they never grow out of it...
never get too old to feel like that.

* side note- we saw "Santa" today while running errands...I guess he was taking a bathroom break...
Luca asks me," Momma, why is Santa in the bathroom?" I kinda laughed a little and said," well, Santa has to go potty just like you do." He looked so confused and said," Momma, he doesn't potty...he's Santa....there is no potty on the sleigh." ...andddddd that's when I got schooled by my 3 year old.

Ever have any funny Santa dialogue with your little ones?

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kate louise. said...

Such a sweet post! :) I still have that child-like anticipation and I'm almost 26!! hehe. xoxo