Color Bar 'O Fun....

This weekend we spent a little time outside in the yard.
The boys raked leaves ( Luca has some super muscles by the way) and
the kid and I had another picnic lunch.
Our neighbor has a maple tree and the huge leaves always fly into are yard...
I always wanted a maple tree when I was a kid...
because the leaves are sooo much easier to rake lol.
It has taken severalllll years, but I finally got the leaves
sans the actual tree.
 Aren't the colors lovely?!?

This is my first color bar and I have to say... it was fun to do... you may see more of these
popping up from time to time :) This natural color palette is right up my alley and I just love
how they complement each other.

I have been using the better part of my free time over the last few days to run through, categorize
and edit pictures from our family photo shoot from last Friday. I have got to, once again,
give it to you professional photographers out there...you guys are incredibly driven and
hard working. I would love to, one day, do what you all do too, but for now I love having
fun with it!

Every year this little fam. takes a family Christmas picture ( like everyone else lol) and we have always taken them ourselves...this was the first year there was 4 of us...I had a tripod...oh yeah, and it
was the first year I had a really good camera too!!!!
I was super excited to say the least.....so I cannot wait to share a few of them with you soon!

Have you taken family pictures yet? Do you get as stressed out over it as I do/did lol!?!?!

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