Biker dude...

remember how I told you Luca got a big-guy bike?!
Well, the bird would not be out-done....
he test drove big brothers old tricycle.
Watch out people, he is on the move prowl!

This little one is 14 months old already! I am so blown away by how fast this all has happened.
Most of you mothers probably know exactly what I am mean and can sympathize with my words.

I am going to be honest, as much as I miss daily adult interaction...it breaks my heart
to think about leaving this little one...my baby.
I wish I could put into words the joy I have from being able to stay at home and raise my children; for them to learn me and I them....there is no greater purpose or job...even if I don't "earn" a dime.
I have never been more proud of any "job" I have ever held. I know there is no job that will ever be as influential and purposeful as the one I have now. I never thought I was the type to stay at home, but I am thankful for the decision we made to do this. I wouldn't have missed all these special moments for the world and no salary could replace all the wonder and beauty in those boys' eyes. I understand that many don't have that option...being a stay-at-home mom is out of the question...and that's ok I was there when Luca was about a year old...(I had to work to ease the load while the Mr. finished up with his degree and he worked too!)...that's life...and I don't think those of you who do work are any less of a good mom for it...you are providing the best way you can. I am just grateful that I am able to be with my kids a little bit more before they grow and go off to school...they have so much time to be elsewhere in their lifetimes...I glad we can and have had these couple of years together.

I realize all things do change, they will be grow quickly, Luca will be starting preschool next year...Canaan will follow, you know how it goes... but I truly am humbled and blessed by this season of life. Yes, it is hard. Yes, I do get upset and aggravated at times. Yes, sometimes I think I am a terrible mom. Yes, sometimes I cannot remember what it was like to have a "real" conversation...or smack myself for being awkward in public ( trust me, kids or no I would be awkward anyway hah), but at the end of the day, I know what is truly important.

On a different note, we have been busy as usual. We skipped around to a few yard sales today and found a lovely cedar chest ( that I have a plan/project in mind for) for supppperrrr cheap, I cleaned out the kiddos closets and organized several areas of the house ( much needed since everything is basically unpacked now). I will have a couple before and afters to show you as well as a finished bedroom and maybe some little changes we've added around here!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



American in Norway said...

Oh my... What a doll baby... precious "baby" great photo! It does go SOO fast.. enjoy every day.. Popping by from coffee talk.

Gillian said...

I so get this post, as i have just decided not to go back to work. I love how you put i - blessed by this season of life. so true!