In its place

Hiya friends! I'm back as promised with some loveliness since I was just not up for it last night. Both boys rooms are completely finished ( paint wise) and Luca has his new curtains up! I have to decorate, wait for a few things to be ordered and do some diys and little projects here and there in each of their rooms but otherwise we are on the right track! I was finally able to get some of my more decorative things out like my candles, pictures, vases, etc.... I know, I am seriously just getting around to it. I have some little things on the mantle right now and on a couple shelves, but I am trying to get a feel for the home...where I think each item belongs... does anyone else ever feel that way...that a certain item can have a home within your home...like it was meant to be there? Hmmm...maybe it's just me I dunno.
The weather was so lovely and cool and the Mr. took advantage of the cool breeze and mowed the lawn... Luca has been such a trooper (well both my kiddos have really) and has been ready and willing to help with any and every project. I am so proud of that little guy of mine...such a serving heart. Our master bedroom has been the catch-all since we moved in so tomorrow I am hoping to get it looking more like a bedroom than a storage unit...I also have to do a few diys that I will be sharing with you all in the near future!!! Super excited about them...oh, and yes, there will be before and after pictures to come very soon as well!!! Of all the things, I am really glad to see some pictures and nic-nackery finally go up...call me silly but those things really do make it feel more homey.

In the spirit of nic-nackery, here are some completely awesome little ditties I had to share...they are seriously drool worthy!

...I adore that old wooden door as a wall accent!!

Source: etsy.com via Elena on Pinterest

...let's face it...I have a serious addiction here people lol

that light fixture is seriously chic!

I do so love a chuncky mirror!

this would make the most awesome curtain for a the kiddos bathroom!

I love hand carved pieces!!! So ornate and lovely!!

I love the love sign!!!

Hope you all are ready to enjoy a lovely weekend...Go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and welcome this fall season!




Anonymous said...

Love your posts. Miss youxx

sarah naska

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from FTLOB.. Love your blog :)

Lovingly Simple .... said...

Love the owl and the elephant show curtain. Great picks!

Have a great weekend!

Christine from Lovingly Simple

Robyn said...

love the love sign too!

DM said...

What beautiful work! I love it. Found you on Fab Friends Friday and love that you also write. I am in love with crafts and writing too. I have subscribed to follow.

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

i´ll take the hand carved piece above the bathtub (bathtub included) to go...please!
LOVE!!!! So, thanks for stopping by and leaving your traditional sweeeet comments...gracias!... and just one curious little question for ya: Panama?

Kim said...

lots of great stuff here!! And I love pinterest too...so addicting to look at all the ideas there. Good luck with all the unpacking and organizing :)