Holiday....and counting!

Hello bloggies! Hope you all had a lovely holiday today! We took a break from all this house buying, moving and packing business to hang out with a couple of friends and their cute-as-can-be little boy! We spent a little time at a local park and then shared a bite to eat! Very low-key and relaxing...just what we needed! Oh, and you can bet those kiddos took a nice long nap.... the bird didn't even make it back home before he was out! I packed up a few more boxes and got to start on my newest book...something I have been meaning to do for a little while now. In all, we had a very lovely Labor Day and now, with the kiddos in bed, I think I will enjoy a nice cup of coffee and just relax...tomorrow's another big cleaning/packing day for us.

On another note... ( and maybe a slight bit off topic)
I am so very thankful to finally be able to finally have the opportunity to place roots somewhere...something I haven't had since I moved out of my childhood home for college. We've moved once a year, every year since 2007...and I know for a lot of you, that sounds very much the same...especially those of you who have a spouse in the military. I don't want to sound like I am complaining, I'm not. I am just grateful to have a chance to allow my kiddos to experience the familiarity of home, like I did when I was growing up. My parents were able to raise us in the same house for our entire lives...until college. That is almost a rarity now, and I know that this house may not be the forever house....but it will be nice to not have to uproot these little ones so very often.

So since I was thinking of my childhood home a little today, I thought I would share this picture...of me and my big guy on my parent's front porch...the only childhood home I've ever known...

See that cycle happening right before you?
Home: A Labor of Love
What a wonderful place.

What do you think about when you think of home? Apple pie? Your favorite pet? Playing in the backyard?



Vivian said...

I think of lime trees and a tire swing hanging from the guava tree. I treasure every bit of my upbringing. And sometimes I just miss that "home" too much :)

Ewa said...

home - peace and safety!!
what a wonderful photo :))

I am your new follower !

bird and tree said...

Vivian- my family is from Panama and one of my most vivid memories from childhood is watching my abuelo climb the avocado tree to pick avocados for breakfast...he had lime trees and lemons, guava tambien.... Thank you for bringing those memories to surface!!!

Ewa- thank you so much for your sweet words! I am so glad you have stopped by and decided to follow!