Weekend Recap: Off to Market

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Since we were feeling much better ( after having the sickies all last week) we decided to head out on the town a bit...in between a few errands and little leisure shopping, we visited a couple of local fresh markets that we have been meaning to visit for a while now...and I am so glad we did!

...I mean, just look at these yummy fruits and veggies! The peaches were huge...I couldn't believe how big they were...and after a little taste test...were absolutely perfect!

...there was a cute fountain at the second fresh market... on Saturdays the market sets up shop at a local bank's parking lot...so I guess technically it would be the bank's fountain?!  We took advantage of the spot and had a little photo op... we have no shame...lol

...um, I may be giving my lack of southern-ness away when I say...I have no idea what the heck a dinosaur egg is...other than the literal definition...and, call me crazy, but I haven't seen a dinosaur running around lately...so, if any of you all know what these are...please share!

...my little cheeser...it was really hot on Saturday...so we were all flushed and by the end..a tad grumpy...so how did we fix it? With a super yummy snack of course!!!! Always does the trick! Oh, and just to report...the bird loves some strawberries...like seriously...! We had a baby-and-momma argument (not really) over how many he had eaten...lol I'm just glad he loves fruit! Luca is more of a grape man himself...I'll stick to the plums...oh, and those plums.... my tastebuds are still thanking me...yep, that good.

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?



Amanda Sawyer said...

Love this!

Stela said...

everything looks so yummy! I wonder what those dinosaur eggs are too.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! The corn reminds me that fall is on it's way. :-)

Gwen Edwards said...

I don't have an answer for the dinosaur thing either...but great post, love your photos.

Andrea said...

so many great colors! i can almost smell the freshness : ) lovely xo