I ♥ Thursday: Call me...crazy

So.... call me crazy, but I kinda hate to see all the pretty flowers, the warm weather, the lazy days...and all the wonder that is summer, disappear into fall. Now, I love the fall season, don't get me wrong, I am an October baby myself, and I have a hankering for the falling leaves and beautiful autumn colors too...but I just can't help but try to hang on to every lazy summer day we have left...mainly because I love all those pretty flowers, that come along with summer, so much!!!

That's why this weeks I Love Thursday is dedicated to the quickly fading spring/summer flowers, gardens, etc....I have to find a way to keep them in my life somehow ya know ( wink, wink)

...flowers in my hair? Oh yes, please! Even if it is a super girly bow...I'll take it!

Source: etsy.com via Elena on Pinterest

oh...I'm a regular ole ebroidery betsy...I love it!!!! Now, if I could just figure out how she actually did the flower petals....hmmmm....

Source: flickr.com via Kelly on Pinterest

...now I know technically these aren't flowery, but look at them! Don't they just scream summer...and foliage...and "Im the cutest green shoes you ever did see?!?!" Yep, thought so.
...how about these pretties?!?! Brave enough to wear them, am I? Well, maybe the smaller ones...but they are super cute nonetheless!!!
...this art is amazing!!!
...oh yes...and the matching chair lol!!! It may be getting a tad bit crazy over here lol!!!
...and if this lovely little camper doesn't scream summertime...I don't know what will!!!
Off for the night lovelies!!! The Mr. is "fixing" my big computer so all I have at my fingers is my little netbook...is it just me...or do you all get really nervous when your computer...with all your pictures...and well, your life basically is being "fixed" or updated!!! Ahhhh...I'm am nervous as can be...not that everything isn't backed up a hundered times over...I think the most dreaded words would be...I lost everything...I would die!
Soooo what's your favorite season? And do you have any technology horror stories you want to vent about? I'm all ears!


Gwen Edwards said...

I always loved the fall myself; colors, weather, Halloween, cozy smells. I dearly miss the fall now that I live in Hawaii. It's just not the same!

bird and tree said...

Oh I do love Halloween too...one of my favorite holidays!!! I would love year round warmth..like Hawaii...(my mom is from Panama so maybe its in the blood), but I am sure I would miss having all the seasons eventually!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi!

-Kelsey Coghill said...

I love all these things you've pinned! especially that big bow under the bun, for some reason it just just calling my name...