What I love about summer...

Hi friends!

Ya know what I love about summer?
Well, actually, there are a lot of things so that's really not a fair question...
One of the things I love about summer is having a summer reading list.
Sans the list lol I more or less keep an idea, more or less, in my mind of all the
books I absolutely have got to read. This year, has started off no differently (in the reading sense) except for two things.

1. I suddenly realized (hello, duh) goodwill/thrift shops have an amazingly random selection of books
on the cheap, people! ( like .49 cents- $1.49 cheap)

2. This town has an amazing library!!!!

I am literally doing a jig right now...in my chair...with no one watching my idiocy...
just the way I like it.

I know you are all just so curious what made it on my list so far, so of course, I oblige :)

Speaking of being random and all over the place.... I am like that with reading too...shocker
Though I do tend to stick a little closer to fiction literature, I love all kinds: memoirs, bios, how-to's, love, love,love craft books...you get the idea ( I don't however love the mushy love novels....sorry for all you readers out there that do).

So, back to what I am currently sinking my nose into...
in no particular order:

...oh, if you weren't keeping up, all that cost me $0...zippo!

...and here are a couple I picked up from the thrift shop today...for .99 cents each!

...yes I know this is a YAL (young adult lit.) book, but I was an English major people....and
Luca is going to love this book one day!

...that's a pretty hefty list already, but I am about 4 books down already so it should take no time at all to get through them all...!

What are you all reading this summer?

Are there any books you would recommend? I love adding books to my list!

xoxo Elena

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Tippy said...

You need to read American Rust if you can get your hands on it at the library! LOVED it!