30 before 3: Instax

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Every morning for the past week or so Luca wants to take a picture with my instax....
dream child I know!
He wants to take a different kind of picture each time ie. silly faces, one with just him, etc....

These 2 were his favorite...yay for momma and her ridiculous bug-eye, silly face...ahahaha
In case you were wondering....kids really do change you lol

I hope I will always be able to take your picture on a whim....that we will always have these silly little adventures between us two. I love just holding you as I type away, and your cute input for what I should type....One day, we will have enough blocks to really build a mommy, daddy, luca and canaan robot out of Legos...and we will do it....just to take a picture of it and remember. We do have the Luca robot down pat already though, we will have to post a picture of that soon! I love you little man!


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