Shopping, Hair-capades and Shoes...anything but a girly day

Hiya! What a hot (and, oh, I mean wickedly) day it was today! After a pretty shaky ( I'll have to tell ya my funny and traumatizing story tomorrow...I know, you hate me now lol) beginning to my weekend...it was nice to lay out by the pool a bit with my kiddos and soak up some of that hot sun this Monday! The Mr. was able to finish his work up and treat us with his ah-mazing grilling skills....he did an awesome job, as usual, and we tried a new (to us) recipe for grilling corn! We checked out a local Montessori school that we have been debating taking our big guy to starting in the fall...and all in all it was kind of a random day.... that being said... my post today is also a little random! hah! Hope you all don't mind!

Oh, and ps...I am going to demonstrate using iphone pics....lol
You'd hate me more if I didn't switch it up a little right?

Don't answer that.

....what the hay...?
What am I doing?... I am making shoes. Yes, call me a cobbler.
No, I have no idea what I am doing, but I know it will turn out fabulous...if fabulous just means you can tell what they are.
Well, they're not for me...they are for a little person...as in baby...
But, no no....before you get all excited...it is not my little person. Or a future "my" little person either.
The recipient is a secret.
Grrrrrr..... I know I here that irritated growl from here! You'll know soon enough peeps!


oh yeah, so I couldn't go without showing you all the new do.....and if you guessed the reason for my shaky start to weekend, then you guessed correctly....buckle your seats for what Im going to share tomorrow. It is a doo-zy. I'm twitching already.

oh and if this post wasn't annoyingly random enough for ya.... here is a pic of the big man himself...

oh, you didn't know....he does all his shopping on his own now.

Oh, I'm jealous too....

Truth is...I really am not so used to being this random with you guys...so thanks for putting up with this wonky post ahaha..... I'm just in that mood....and after you here about my weekend catastrophe you'll probably understand why.... you may want to give me a bloggy hug....and a donation for pain and suffering. Or just a bloggy hug.

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