30 before 3: Like it or Not

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Hello loves! Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful weekend...memorial weekend to boot! We always try to make this weekend full of remembrance since so many people have sacrificed so much to give us what we have. Even their very lives. I am so grateful for everyone of you who are serving for our country and so honored and thankful for all those who have given their lives for us. The Mr. too, fought for that cause and I am so proud of his service. We have a few things going on this weekend... we have some dear friends coming for the day/night and a memorial service on Sunday....top that all off with a cookout on Monday and we have a very full weekend ahead!

Before all the fun and craziness began, I wanted to pop in and add a few more pics and memories to the 30 before 3! His birthday is fast approaching and while we prepare for that, I want to add as many little memories and quirks as I can for him. Since I don't really scrapbook, this is my way of journaling the cute changes these kiddos go through over time!

I have been taking pictures all over the place and the cutest things pop up when I am reviewing/editing! When I was going through this batch I noticed some cute things I wanted to remember and share! Forgive me, hah, there is one iphone pic (not that Im really upset about it), but I think you'll enjoy it nonetheless....hopefully more than he did!


Buddy, you are getting so big...no, you already are a big boy....! You are witty, and silly and we have the greatest conversations....you are my favorite shopping buddy and you are the first one to notice when I have a new outfit...you always say..."oh, mommy that is so beautiful, where'd you get it?"...you're right up my alley! You love to go for walks with me, and help me cook and clean... helping out is important to you and I know God gave you such a sweet serving heart! I could go on and on, but I want you to see for yourself, some of the things that make you smile...and well, not smile!
Love you mucho, mucho, mucho!


...you love to play with brother...even if it means getting down to his level!....

...icee pops just may be your cure all....you love them...and you make sure to include the exact color you need to have when begging mentioning them....!

...you love getting your picture taken...and just being in front of the camera...such ease you have with it!.... that's awesome in my book!
...on the other hand, you would rather die a thousand deaths than get your hair cut (see above)...ps, you're a really awesome fighter too...just ask daddy about it after your next haircut....I have seen pro fighters with less gumption than you! Bribery does not work, not even the aforementioned icee pops....they've met their match. We truly apologize for have to hold you down to cut your hair...I hate it, but I also don't love the idea of having my son wear ponytails like his momma....just sayin.... You'll understand when you get bigger.

You also really, really don't like battery powered tooth brushes, vacuums, mixers, public (bathroom) hand dryers, bathroom stalls (public), mashed potatoes, hair dryers...and anything that makes noises like the above mentioned!

Hope you all enjoy this lovely weekend! Be safe!!!

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