What I've Learned About Roadtrips: Florida part 1

Happy weekend everyone! Hope you have a happy Easter as well!

With all the travels we have been up to lately, I feel like I have learned a thing or two when it comes to traveling with kids, that I did not know before. I really could have used this info sooner hah! Here are a few of the more fun tips I have on traveling with the kiddos!

1. Being on the road for several hours turns you into a weird, zombie-like version of yourself
( as can be seen in the next 2 photos).

2. the view from your hotel window will make you rethink going back home.

3. Some of us take no time at all making ourselves at home.

4. Taking pictures while driving (well I was riding, but you get it) is way harder than it looks

5. long periods of time in a car will cause you to do silly things to keep everyone entertained.

6. eating in the car is allowed.

7. you should always bring a friend.

8. kick back, try to relax ( haha key word try), and enjoy the ride!


renee kristine said...

where in florda are you? that looks like tampa/ orlando?

bird and tree said...

actually, both! all the pics from this post are of Orlando (and on the way there), but the pics I will be putting up soon are of tampa! Good eye!

The Mr. said...

Little late in responding, but #8 definately makes you wonder who was looking at the road while this picture was being taken at 70 mph!