Take notes.... or scribble

Hey sweets! It. is. Wednesday. Isn't it? Sorry I feel like I went to sleep on Sunday night...and woke up and it was not. Monday? never mind. hah.

See that big in-your-face picture above?!?! Well, that was one of my latest projects...pre-move that is...so like, February-ish.... Though I have only showed it to a couple people, family mostly, I realized that with the move and everything I hadn't had a chance to do what I wanted with them....which is to find out what you think. Why? Because you lovely people have opinions, and awesome ones at that! I made these with the intention of laminating them to use as bookmarks....but as time went on I have used them for lists, note taking (like I did above) and such.... Maybe I could make a little of both?!?!
Let me know your thoughts/suggestions...they really do mean the world and are so helpful.

If I am going to be honest.
This year got off track very early on...and yes, I know it is only April (maybe there is still hope for redeeming the rest of the year!). With the death of my grandmother, who was one of the closest people to me, I kind of lost all inspiration, desire... I kind of let emotions sweep all my other loves (well not really family but ya know the artsy stuff) in life under the rug. I just haven't been myself. Then the move happened last month. What a whirlwind that was! Over the last couple of weeks though I have felt more myself than I have since all that stuff happened. Plus, I was looking back at some of my old posts and they inspired me all over again. I also have been praying/searching for purpose and I think God has been granting me little doses of just what that looks like...right when I need it.

I have said all that to say, I think I am back... I am ready?...no, willing to letting the creativity come...even though I understand that creativity and emotions for us more artistic people work hand-in-hand....and that this may open up myself to a lot of feelings I have been keeping locked up. I need a little evaluation of a project (hence the one above) to kind of direct me to where I want to go...this is a prototype I guess you could say...so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Oh and feel free to rip me about not putting the FL pics up yet haha...I deserve it, and promise to get to it soon!!! 


Anonymous said...

loooove the blog! it's super cute! and i'm glad your life seems to be on track!

bird and tree said...

thanks so much! and thanks for stopping by! Do come again, won't you?!?!