I ♥ Thursdays: whoa momma

Hiya pals ♥

fi.na.lly I am back with my favorite flava of posts!!!!

It is so good to be back...and in honor of the mommas...cause I am one yo..... this post is filled with things that have been on my hit. drag. steal acquire. (hah. cracked myself up with that one) ahem.... think I need, list.
Now you may or may not be a momma but that's ok...bc its my blog and on my blog everyone's included...so we will think futuristic momma if we have to...and if you're a dude... uh.... hi!

(ps all these pics are from my pinterest pin boards so if you want to get the credit gooooo there!)

Source: dwr.com via Elena on Pinterest

Eames, I will have you one day.... promise.

Emerson Made...enough said

I could totally (and stylishly) carry my camera in this one....

this outfit...because I am a hippie...Im not ashamed.

Source: madewell.com via Elena on Pinterest

this little gem of a necklace...has been on my list forever and I would love to add it to my collection...

Oh anthropologie, you just get me....

...to have my nails painted this color...its the crush color for me right now!

oh my bicycle! I have mentioned this before haven't I? There is none like the Public.

I had to stop...or I would have put all my pinnings on here. fact. I actually thought about it lol.

What are some things you have on your hot, hit lists?!?!

Do tell.

Happy Easter Everyone..!


Molly said...

hey!! I got a nail polish color super similar to that.. but probably a lot cheaper ($5 maybe??). It's Gumdrop by Orly. Check it out!

bird and tree said...

oooooh! Im on it! Thanks for the suggestion...and for visiting!

meig said...

Girl, I love your style!! :)