Treasures, Treats and...Simon Says?

So, yes as usual, I did a little thrifting with the papa (my dad) this weekend! We were able to find some really cute things and I took pics of my faves! Oh and afterwards we shared some coffee and doughnuts!

...this cookbook was a super steal! I have sorta non-traditionally followed the guidelines for years, but I am excited to have real low carb recipes to try out now too! I will definitely share the ones I do try out!

these two little owls are my ultimate ♥
They were originally Avon hand cream jars...and the heads twist off to expose the vessel inside!
Adorable! I use the as end pieces for one of my shelves...Probably one of my favorite all-time finds to date!
Oh, ps, they were only $5 for the set!

soooo...this is my sweet Mr. ♥ He decided to make a special meal tonight for us and have a special little date night right here at home...! How sweet is he?!?! Since we moved, sitters have been something we have lacked, not really knowing anyone, so we have had to get creative with dates!

Here is the yummy stir fry and salad...I didn't get a pic of the steaks but I assure you, they were amazing!

I decided to go with this orangy-copper color instead of the dark purple for my nails.... which I love almost as much....

and here is Luca's " I wanna take pee-chur like mommy and hand and face, k?"
(translation: he wanted to take a picture like the one I took for my nails lol)
I may just have a Div-o on my hands....as my mom would say, "Ay-ya-ya-ya-ya".

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The Pocket Stylist said...

oh so yummy looking. I adore your blog!