Old is Good

Remember that little outing me and my little fam went on earlier in the week? Well, I thought I would share with you my favorite of the finds from my thrift!
This Ah-mazing velvet case ♥ I couldn't believe it! I found it for $4 but then when I took it to the register I learned that everything that day was 50% off! Yep, that is $2 for this little gem!

see these little compartments?! Well, I am thinking it was supposed to be used as a travel case for jewelry, but the little divider tray comes out so I envision using it as a clutch! So excited! When I do decide to wear it I will try to snap a pic so you can see it with an outfit ensemble!

....thought I would share this cute little pic of my Luca....he has had these little scooby gloves for eternity but today was the first time he has ever wanted to wear them...even when it snowed he refused! So he literally wore these for like 5 hours....not kidding....it was so adorable!

Also! I just want to say a huge hello and welcome to all my new readers! I LOVE you guys already and I am so excited and thrilled you all are here!

I can say that though some days right now are really tough to get through, (with the recent death in the family and other illnesses popping up with other close relatives) it has been a very therapeutic and a joy to be able to read your sweet comments, to share with you the very sweet, blessed moments that are happening and to know that many of you have supported me with your kind thoughts has been so helpful. So thank you so much. Focusing on the positives has really brought me out of my heaviest of emotions.

I hope you have the most amazing week...you ALL deserve it!


Rob and Gina said...

OK. Love the clutch/travel case! Thrifting is the best...but not in NYC! Everything is insanely overpriced! I'm from Ohio and everytime I head home for a visit I go back to all my fav thrift stores. It's amazing when they do 50% off :)


bird and tree said...

I know right!?!?!? I have only been to NYC once...and spent most of my (shopping) time around the asian market...so they were totally inexpensive...but I would imagine the vintage there is pricey....
Mandi from Here's Looking At Me Kid
(http://candimandi.typepad.com/) is from Canton, Ohion I think? She has some really great thrift shops she visits in and around her area...check out her site...next time your home you may can visit some!