A lot on my plate

I don't make a huge habit of taking pictures of my snack before I eat it, but today I had to make an exception. I love figs, since I spent a year living in Florida (a long time ago), and yes, this connection does make more sense if you know the story lol. I don't always find really tasty figs, because depending on brand, etc. they all taste different, like any other food- some are not as juicy, flavorful, some have more seeds, etc. But these figs, behold, are the pinnacle of what figs should taste like. At least based on all my fig eating experiences in the past. They were just right, and organic. Even better. Know what else is fantastic? That cup of coffee...oh yes, trust me on this one. I know, it's so moving...(lol).

 Luca and I had a little out-door adventure yesterday (or an adventure in pictures I should say) so I may put a couple pics up of that tomorrow.

Am I not the nicest person you know for putting a yummy snack in front of you to make you super hungry....grrr annoying I know. Sorry, I couldn't control myself.

Happy Food Scavenging!


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