The Boy Can Cook....well sort of

Well, I'm not really going to pretend he didn't have a little help. Luca does direct well, though. Luca: "Make an elephant mommy. Make an airplane..." ummmm...yeah, like I have a Master's in Playdough making....I was doing good to whip out these grapes. Luck of the draw I guess lol. He does make stuff on his own too, they're just not exactly recognizable. So I am not sure who is more proud of these playdough creations, me or him, but if we're voting.....


Now I'm not really sure who this is (ahem cough, the Mr., cough cough) but he sure can make one scary, happy mask! Ps- think twice before putting playdough on your face...you just get a really bright-red rash from it...just saying.

my...er Luca's, tomato...sorry for the blurries...guess it didn't want its picture taken.

the artist in action

oh, peek-a-boo little birdie....he's the general manager...

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Anonymous said...

Thats so cute :)

Rob and Gina said...

I love the tomato...it reminds me of a pin holder I used to see in dressing rooms in department stores growing up. Very cute stuff!


bird and tree said...

thanks ladies!

oh it does look like those pin holders! My mom had one just like that when I was growing up (probably still does)!