...and it starts like this

I've been thinking a lot. A lot about life and how wonderful and complex it is.
I took this picture a few days ago on a walk with my son, and I have been looking at it, and thinking about it ever since. How mind-blowing is it that this little pecan, a seed in its own rite, can over time create a huge shade tree!?! I cannot wrap my head around it. That even we, begin as microscopic organisms and gradually grow to become adults; a giant in comparison of where we began. I have sat here mulling it all over, thinking about how we progress: we crawl, then walk, then stride, we learn we, we experience, we fail. Our health is strong, then maintained, then we leave. We leave. And somewhere in the middle of all this we love and are loved and we share and take part in life with others. What a beautiful picture. What a sad picture. Torn between finished, and please, not quite yet. Having no real decision in the matter, but to pray. What a gift each day is, then. What a prize. I am thankful, so very thankful for all the days I have been given with the most wonderful family a girl could ever have. Hoping, wishing to have a few more wonderful days with some who are reaching up to leave.


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