I ♥ Thursday

Thursday is by far one of my favorite days! I love compiling my little list of goodies for you guys...but even more I love perusing through the flocks of items all over the web to add to my list. I am always amazed at the treasures I seem to find. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do!

On another note...I think I mentioned this before....but I love making lists! I can't say it enough. So don't be surprised to find a new segment at some point in the future consisting of some form of listing...I can't wait!

Ok, so back to I ♥ Thursday... In true fall order I decided to theme this one Autumn Wear. I have grabbed a few of my favorite fall sweater finds...some vintage some not. Hope you all enjoy ♥

                        I adore this vintage batwing sweater! FiregypsyVintage has some
amazing vintage options!

How unique is this sweater from MyLolaFashion ?!?!

I just died and went to coat Heaven!!! This gem is from 13threads and it is rockin!

I'm a sucker for droopy cardigans like this one by lamixx!
Ahhhh! Love this pumpkin color! It reminds me of my favorite latte...and Thanksgiving!
You can find it and other goodies here

Hope you all are gearing up for the weekend.....ready or not!

I'll be hanging out with these guys...

....aren't you jealous?!?! xoxo

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13threads said...

Love the cardi by lamixx too! Thrilled to be included in your wonderful Autumn Wear choices. Thank you.