Planting the Seed

I have been wanting to get back into blogging since my last semester of college almost a year ago, but I have the preverbial excuse that so many others have- no time/no energy/work, etc. Plus, blogs I have done in the past have either been for school or possessed a "college" theme to them that lacked a sense of creativity I want to convey.

Recently however, My family decided to upturn our entire lives as we know it and move nearly an hour outside of the city we had been living in for oh, nearly 5 years. So here I am, pregnant again, no longer "working", and living in the country of all places.In the midst of this chaos, I had a very stern conversation with myself where I came to the conclusion I no longer have many of the same excuses I had for not growing this, creative seed I have been nurturing for far too long. Now here I am, writing my very first post on the site I have just now started and I have absolutely excited! Bare with me in the posts to come as I promise they will be filled with experiments and learning. WIsh me luck!

<3 Elena

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