...Oh, you make me smile ♥

Happy Saturday to you all! We have been wading in all this rainy weather....but keeping our heads up nonetheless! The Mr. was gifted a Kinnect from his parents and we have had so much fun with it already! I highly recommend it especially if you have kids. Luca went crazy with bowling...and I really love the workout and dance games! Anyway, we have been doing whatever in-door activities we can come up with...including a little pizza party with my family, thrifting with my dad (which did require a little outdoor sprint to the car) and playing tekken with the brother (yep, I actually did win a round too!).  Here are a few picks from my weekend (so far) that have just put a smile on my face!

playing with my kiddos ♥

...my mom's pretty blue-glass collection
....and their horse-dog Mario (no lie this dog is huge!) He actually used to be an old roommate's dog when I was in college...he was SOOOO huge for our little apt. I actually told her it was the dog or me...turned out, I had to find a home for him soooo off to my parents he went!
pasta salad...mmmm...so good!

obnoxiously loud toys that have and will remain at abuela and grandpa's house. forever. the end! lol. ps- the siren on that thing is legit...you'd think the real thing was rollin up to your house ahaha.!

Hope your weekend is going magnificently....and if the rain will ever go away...I will soon snap some picks of that vintage trench coat I snagged at the thrift the other day!


Anonymous said...

Thats an awesome toy that I would toss in the trash if it made its way to my house haha.

bird and tree said...

ahaha agreed! thats why it stays at the grandparent's house! I try to keep all the quiet toys over here!

Gina said...

ohhh...we are all trying to bear the weather! good luck...for me it's just my husband i have to occupy...cant' wait for kiddos myself!
LOVE looking at your blog!